“Game Winning Drive”

Character, Leadership, Integrity

This is a program designed to help you take your team to the next level. It is a great fit for organizations who need a leadership tune-up and help establishing a culture of trust and accountability.

Overcoming adversity is part of life. In sports, the adversity often is self-imposed. Discover the lessons in situations such as J. R. Smith and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ failure to recognize “time and game situation” in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA finals.

Learn from the rise and fall of athletes such as Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods. When leaders get ahead of themselves they tumble every time.

Taking stories right out of today’s sports headlines and history’s record books, we will explore the steps that lead to real winning. By emphasizing teamwork and integrity, your attendees will identify leadership qualities that they can develop to become a champion in their own right.

Studying last year’s Super Bowl and BCS Championships, we’ll also explore what happens when you have the chance to be “next man up”. Will you fail? Or, will you have what it takes to lead a game winning drive?

Topics covered in the speech include:

  • Building your Team (Recruiting and Releasing)
  • Game Planning (Leadership Cohesion)
  • Fumble Recovery (Ownership & Accountability)
  • The speech can be delivered in 30, 60 or 90 minutes. It has some serious moments, humor and self-reflective take away points for instant application at work and home.

    “Rik was flexible on logistics, professional in every way, very personable before and after event, and a real hit with our corporate customers (audience). I absolutely would hire him again.”
    Kevin B, Columbus, OH
    “We had Rik Roberts come in to present Game Winning Drive to our annual agency off site meeting. Rik really honed in on issues such as team work, unity, accountability, and owning your mistakes. He did it in a judgment-free way that gave us take-aways and connecting points we can take back to our home offices and apply. 

    It was extremely well done, very professional and with plenty of laughs. Rik hit the nail on the head, and managed to not ruffle any feathers. He is an expert at people and it shows. I highly recommend him if you have similar event where you need to tune up your leadership, accountability and communication skills.”

    Daniel Connally, Special Assistant Food and Drug Administration