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Archive for May, 2020

Virtual Event Solutions from Clean Comedian Rik Roberts

Thursday, May 21st, 2020
Virtual Event Solutions from Clean Comedian Rik Roberts

Virtual Event solutions are here! Add some fun and bring on a professional for your next Virtual Event with clean comedian Rik Roberts.



We all see the meeting industry landscape changing beneath our feet. Hybrid meetings, virtual meetings and online conferences are here for a few years at least. Make the most out of your event and hire a professional entertainer and emcee. Rik has a variety of virtual event solutions. Engagement should be your number one goal and no one engages better than a well trained clean comedian. With over thirty years experience, Rik Roberts can add value to your experience with dynamic virtual event solutions.


As someone who has planned multiple conferences, Rik gets it! Keep the expenses down, the engagement up and the stress to a minimum. As the event emcee, Rik can lighten your load. His entertainment-driven interactive segments keep your attendees engaged with your conference content. You already have enough on your plate. You know you will be handling last second changes, fielding calls, answering texts – why add emcee to your list?


Rik has thirty years of experience entertaining, speaking and emceeing live events. His background in improvisation comes in handy when unpredictable situations arise. Working as the warm-up comedian for TBN he also understands how to work a camera and stay on time. If you need videos or other content created – he can help you there as well. Virtual event solutions like content creation aren’t offered by everyone.


Flexibility, reliabilty and usefulness all describe the value of a quality emcee. Think of Rik more as a partner than an add on. Form the very first brainstorming call all the way through the last segment of your conference, Rik is there to help.


Every event is unique. Give Rik a call and he will brainstorm with you on how to craft the right package for your needs and budget. And if he isn’t a good fit, he will be happy to recommend someone else who is.

Office: 1-888-895-8549


American Idle Virtual Talent Show – Client Feedback

Thursday, May 14th, 2020


Are you looking for Virtual Event Ideas? Let us help!

Discover hidden talent in your organization. Book the American Idle Virtual Talent Show and boost morale and togetherness during these times of social distancing.

Learn more at  .

A Virtual Talent Showcase

Your group is required to stay home and be separated. But during this time, take advantage of getting to know each other in a whole new way. This virtual event is facilitated by comedian Rik Roberts.

The voting (optional) will be left up to your group. Whether it is a one-time event, or a multiple week showcase is up to you. Highlight Positivity to Boost Morale Historical times are upon us.

Leaders are challenged to keep their organizations focused and productive. Laughter and camaraderie can reduce stress and build connectivity. This virtual event will accomplish all of those goals and give you a boost when so many are feeling stressed and fearful.

The Host

Rik Roberts has appeared on DryBar Comedy, PureFlix Clean Comedy All-Stars, CMT, TBN, Bananas Family Comedy series and more. He is based out of Nashville, TN. But the beauty of this event is we can all be wherever we currently are hunkered down.

Event Consultation

Schedule an event consultation with American Idle. Together, we will figure out your needs and create an event that will be talked about for years to come. Your employees will create positive memories during this historically difficult time!

You will get tips on what to do to make your event shine.

American Idle is here to help! Virtual event ideas for groups and organizations will be the way things get done the next few months.

Schedule your event now! Let’s Talk! Send an e-mail to or to schedule a discovery call and discuss your event.