“Rik really honed in on teamwork, unity, and owning your mistakes.”

Andrew K.,  U.S. Food And Drug Administration

Who it’s for …

Game Winning Drive is a leadership keynote designed to help you take your team to the next level. Perfect for leadership retreats, employee development, sales teams, supervisors, and managers. In short, it is a great fit for organizations that need a leadership tune-up program.

It’s an exceptionally great fit if you …

  • Need a leadership tune-up program
  • Want to establish a culture of trust and accountability
  • Are blending two groups together and want to establish core values

What it is …

A highly customizable program emphasizing accountability, trust, and integrity. We take stories right out of today’s sports headlines to explore the steps that lead to success. We also evaluate failures and how to learn from them.

Watch the video on this page or CLICK HERE to see the demo.

Why you need a leadership keynote …

Sports provide us with heroes and villains. Sometimes the victorious fall from grace and must begin a journey back to acceptance. Players must overcome individual obstacles to become great teammates. And teammates must sacrifice for the greater good of everyone in the organization. And yes, a successful leader’s arrogance can put the entire program in jeopardy. There are lessons to learn from every tier of leadership. This program has something for everyone!

Why it Works …

Your attendees will drop their guard and assess their own areas for improvement. We do that by stepping outside of our own world and looking objectively at other successes and failures. It’s a non-judgmental approach to becoming better leaders. You will gain dozens of building blocks for meaningful conversations with your team members.

My Promise  …

As an active member of the National Speakers Association, I approach your event with the professionalism you deserve. With that in mind, the process begins in advance of the event. I will supply to you:

  • A pre-event questionnaire to fully understand your goals for the event
  • A pre-event event video for you to use to increase interest and attendance
  • Pre-event quotes you can post in newsletters and on social media to get folks excited
  • Photos, bios, introduction, and everything you need for things to run smoothly

Additionally, I am able to customize the show. If you need a certain theme or message relayed to the group – just ask.

Free Leadership Keynote Brainstorming Call:

Give me a call today at 1-888-895-8549. I will help you brainstorm solutions for your event based on your desired budget. You are under no obligation to hire me. And the call is free.

If you are ready to move forward and want to check a date for availability just fill in the contact form. I’ll get back to you ASAP. It is time to transform your group of individuals into a singular “team” and begin the road to success!

Leadership Keynote with Rik Roberts

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