"Rik was phenomenal! He did a great job of incorporating our company values into the keynote which truly made it hit home for our employees.”


Team Building Speaker + Stand-Up Comedy = Fun.

Listen Up, Laugh it Up is designed to get your attendees on their feet and fully engaged in your conference or meeting.

It’s an exceptionally great fit for you if you need …

  • A high-energy, valuable, and useful kick-off program.
  • Something to set the tone for your attendees to listen closer to your content
  • To provide a way to get interaction between your attendees
  • A program to put in that dreaded “after lunch” time slot

Due to the need to physically interact with one another, this program is ideal for groups with under 100 participants

What it is …

This program starts with 20 minutes of high-energy, clean stand-up comedy. The laughs are then validated by sharing the importance of tying humor into your content and messaging. Once the audience is buzzing with excitement, I facilitate a few improvisational exercises that teach your attendees how to better engage with your conference, speakers, managers, and customers. You will have fun with a team building speaker who removes the awkwardness that usually accompanies these types of events.

Watch the video demo on this page or CLICK HERE to see it in action.

Why you will love it …

As an event planner, you know how important it is to create buzz and excitement at your conference. But you also need a program that adds value and works well with your entire conference. “Listen Up, Laugh it Up” delivers audible results on both fronts. When used at the beginning of a meeting it improves the results for every speaker to follow. Your individuals will ask better questions because they listened in a whole new way. Talk about return on investment!

When was the last time you saw your attendees standing on their feet, working together to reach a common goal? This interactive keynote activates the part of the brain that engages in listening.

Why it Works …

As the program unfolds, you will witness a transformation in your group. They begin to realize they have been “listening to respond” instead of “listening to hear.” This is a huge breakthrough in the way we serve one another. What if everyone in your organization was patient enough to try to understand the needs of a customer, co-worker, or supervisor instead of trying to prove they already have the answer?

Watching everyone get on the same page is beautiful.

My Promise …

As an active member of the National Speakers Association, I approach your event with the professionalism you deserve. With that in mind, the process begins in advance of the event. I will supply to you:

  • A pre-event questionnaire to fully understand your goals for the event
  • A pre-event event video for you to use to increase interest and attendance
  • Pre-event quotes you can post in newsletters and on social media to get folks excited
  • Photos, bios, introduction, and everything you need for things to run smoothly

Additionally, I am able to customize the show. If you need a certain theme or message relayed to the group – just ask.

Don’t take my word on it, watch the video demo on this page to see a sample and here from a few recent clients. Need more insight? View the client testimonials video on this site’s home page.

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