Comedy for Online Events

Utilizing a comedian as part of your next virtual meeting is a great way to increase attendance, heighten engagement, and reduce stress. Turn “Zoom doom” into positive virtual vibes. We know the secret to make virtual comedy successful.

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Virtual Talent Show

American Idle Talent Show

When your employees are separated productivity and morale can suffer. Unite your group with an American IDLE talent show! Let them show off their talents, skills, pets, and kids with this incredibly fun program. Best part? We do all the work.

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comedy videos for online events

Live Concert Downloads

Want to increase engagement during your next online meeting? Start each session with a 3-5 minute comedy clip. These are copyright cleared and corporate clean videos you can play as people “enter” and “join” your next meeting.

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Virtual Event Solutions like Custom Comedy Shows

Pre-Recorded Custom Comedy Shows

Need a few laughs for an upcoming virtual event? Worried about having to coordinate bringing a comedian into the meeting while you are already in progress? No worries! Rik can record a custom comedy show for your group and provide it in advance.

View a clip from a past event.

Mayberry Method Moment Video-On-Demand Keynote

The Mayberry Method Moment is your solution to providing inspiration in short, five-minute doses. Delivered on the schedule of your choice, the package includes 15 videos designed to give your organization a soft skills tune-up in all aspects of servant leadership.

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If you are looking for virtual event solutions you aren’t alone. Recent reports show virtual event hosting platforms increased their business by over 1000% in 2020 alone. Choosing a speaker or comedian for your event shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, if you approach it with the right mindset it can be fun!

What is the right mindset? The keyword is “engagement”.

With so many virtual meetings and Zoom fatigue setting in you want to offer something that unites your group. Each of the programs above accomplishes that in a different way.

Comedy for Online Events

Having a stand-up perform live is one of the best virtual event solutions. A comedian can engage like no other speaker. In fact, comedians thrive in atmospheres that require quick thinking, adjusting on the fly, and connecting on multiple levels. A seasoned comedian knows how to unite a crowd. Whether the group is physically in one location, or scattered around the country and together online, humor can unite them and set the tone for a fun event.  LEARN MORE.

American Idle Virtual Talent Show

Possibly the most unique option when considering virtual event solutions is to make your people the stars! The American Idle Virtual Talent Show is designed to showcase your individual’s unique talent, hobby, passion, or skill. The best part? You don’t have to do a thing?

Rik hosts the virtual talent show. He collects the video submissions and organizes the flow of the program. You can choose to make it a competition or simply create a fun time where you learn more about each other. And these videos will be yours to use at future functions as you see fit. Tons of fun! LEARN MORE.

Live Concert Downloads

If you need a super simple idea for your virtual event this is for you. Browse a library of copyright-cleared concert footage from Rik’s “video jukebox”. You can download the files and have them at your fingertips to drop into your event whenever you like. LEARN MORE.

Pre-Recorded Live Comedy Shows

If you like the idea of a comedy show but are afraid of technical glitches, this option is for you. Simply request Rik to pre-record a comedy set specifically for your group. You choose the amount of time and provide any topics you wish him to include.

Similar to the concert footage, you will have total flexibility on when and where you use the comedy show. You will know exactly how long it is and what the content is like. In short, this online event option takes out all the guesswork. LEARN MORE.

Mayberry Method Keynote on Demand Video

The Mayberry Method Moment is based on Rik’s popular keynote. It is a great option for motivating, inspiring, and entertaining your employees or association members when they can’t gather in person. The lessons can be applied to any business as well as in personal relationships.

The bite-sized lessons are all under 5 minutes in length. Accompanying the videos is a workbook for leaders to ask follow-up questions so the group can apply the content immediately. You choose the delivery schedule and Rik does the rest. LEARN MORE.

Virtual Event Solutions Free Brainstorming Call

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