“Imposter Speaker”

Throw your group a curve ball!

Rik can be introduced as a speaker on the topic of your choice. He’ll start speaking with enough information to sound like he knows what he’s talking about … then it all falls apart. . Facts, figures and philosophies are way off base. Soon, the Power Point slides become mixed with vacation photos, microphones stop working and the audience gets “clued in” on the joke. Rik then reveals he is really there to perform stand-up comedy.

Past “faux” speeches have centered on “Safety in the Workplace”, “The Lean Six Sigma Myth”, “Downsizing and You” and more.

If you have a specific topic that fits with your conference, Rik will happily develop a “bumbled speech” for you!

“Rik was tremendous! We did a “roast” on one of our sales team members. We gave Rik pictures and information on her work life along with her personal life, and he was able to incorporate all of it and had everyone laughing hysterically!”
Carlson Group