Rik Roberts


Rik Roberts is an event planner’s dream come true. He brings a variety of options from clean stand-up comedy to creative keynotes. You may hire Rik to emcee your event. Consult with him on how to incorporate more fun and laughs. Utilize his creative services like having him create original dynamic videos. Tap into his network of clean comedians. Allow him to produce a complete comedy event. Whether your event is in-person or virtual, the options are endless.

He Gets It

Rik has produced events for several hundred people. As a past president of an association, he gets it. Rik understands logistics, budgets, flow, and how to incorporate a vision into a conference. Having him work alongside you will allow you to focus on the things you are best at doing. He can handle the details of entertainment, speaking, and emceeing. It’s like hiring an extra set of hands to help carry the load.

Professional and Easy-Going

Rik is a member of the National Speakers Association. He is a no-nonsense, easy-going, and solutions-minded professional. While his focus is on fun, he’s able to get down to brass tacks when it comes to execution. In other words, he finishes what he starts.

In short, Rik Roberts is funny and creative. Bring him on board and you will bring your event to life!



Rik’s ability to add energy and huge laughs to both I’ve and virtual events is a meeting planner’s dream come true. With 30 years experience as a speaker and headlining clean stand-up comedian, you are in good hands.

HIs creative keynotes are a blend of inspiration, strategy and relevant humor. Customer service keynotes like the “Mayberry Method”, and team-building workshops like “Listen Up, Laugh it Up” fully engage your group.

Rik also offers creative services such as custom video content you can use for social media and awards ceremonies. Additionally, he offers writing services to bring life to your scripts and conference addresses for live and virtual events.

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