Speaker or Comedian for Live Events

“It’s Funny Now” Clean Stand-Up Comedy

Utilizing a comedian is an excellent way to energize your event. Laughter is a clear and audible way of knowing you have engaged and entertained your guests. Make sure to hire a clean comedian with a long track record of satisfying clients and audiences.

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Barney Fife Impersonator Rik Roberts delivers Customer Service Keynote

“Mayberry Method” Customer Satisfaction Keynote

If you have the need for motivation and the desire for a lot of laughs – this is the keynote for you! Using the Andy Griffith Show as a through line, Rik blends stand-up comedy with tangible business ideas. Finally, a program that is as fun as it is impactful. Don’t be a Goober, learn more!

Team Building Speaker

“Listen Up Laugh It Up” Team Building Keynote

Want to increase engagement during your next meeting? This program gets your group on their feet and interacting with each other. The activities all have big payoffs and will positively impact your entire event or conference.

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Leadership Keynote with Rik Roberts

“Game Winning Drive” Leadership Keynote

Taking stories right out of today’s sports headlines, we will explore the steps that lead to real winning. By emphasizing teamwork and integrity, your attendees will identify leadership qualities that they can develop to become a champion in their own right.

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Speaker or Comedian for Live Events, Barney Fife Impersonator Rik Roberts

Barney Fife Impersonator

An appearance by a Barney Fife impersonator is your “ticket” to a fun event. The deputy can roam trade show floors, fairs, and festivals. You can have him “work security” at the registration table, arrest a few “over-achievers”, or act as an Emcee to keep things moving along.

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Speaker or Comedian for Live Events


Utilizing a speaker or comedian for live events is a smart move. Laughter engages the mind and body of your attendees. Studies show the many positive effects of adding humor to our lives. Each of the programs offered above is designed to fully engage your attendees. Whether it’s a pure stand-up comedy show, a creative keynote, or an appearance from a Barney Fife impersonator, you’ll have a blast and walk away more empowered.

More importantly, when you use a speaker or comedian for live events you will increase the energy and attendance over an event where everything is covered with “in-house” speakers. And, a speaker or comedian can “loosen” people up to receive your message.

Rik Roberts Comedian

Rik Roberts entertaining with the It’s Funny Now comedy keynote.

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