“Your portrayal of Barney Fife was arresting and bulletproof.”

Jeff L., Hammond Henry Hospital

Barney Fife Impersonator = Real Fun

This is a really fun option to add a lot of laughs and “Kodak” moments to your event. Having Rik appear as a Barney Fife Impersonator is one way to make sure your group has a truly unique experience.

It’s an exceptionally great fit for:

What it is …

In short, you can add “security” to virtually any event. Impersonators instantly add photo-ops, smiles, and a little surprise fun to otherwise boring or stale parts of your meeting.

Watch the video demo on this page or CLICK HERE to see Fife in action.

Why you will love it …

There are a variety of ways to utilize his appearance. You can have the deputy:

  • “Arrest” individuals at the event with “inside info” you provide
  • Check nametags at the door
  • Mingle during the social hour
  • Pose for pictures
  • Help hand out door prizes
  • Energize an auction and encourage bidders
  • Announce “safety award winners”
  • Patrol fairs, festivals, and trade show halls

If you can think of a place to a Barney Fife Impersonator, Rik will make it happen!

Barney Fife Impersonator Rik Roberts in the Mayberry Man MovieWhy a Barney Fife Impersonator Works …

The Andy Griffith Show and its characters instantly relay a feeling of wholesomeness and “hometown values” to your event attendees. Don Knott’s loveable character commands a little respect and can get the attention of your group in a fun way.

When I appear as the deputy, I have a knack for engaging in quick, meaningful one-on-one conversations with your attendees. All of this makes your event more memorable and a great memory!

My Promise  …

I want the appearance to go better than anyone else. In advance of the event I will supply to you:

  • A pre-event event video for you to use to increase interest and attendance
  • Pre-event quotes you can post in newsletters and on social media to get folks excited
  • Photos, bios, introduction, and everything you need for things to run smoothly

Take Action:

Give me a call today at 1-888-895-8549. I will help you brainstorm solutions for your event based on your desired budget. You are under no obligation to hire me. And the call is free.

If you are ready to move forward and want to check a date for availability just fill in the contact form below. I’ll get back to you ASAP. It is time to feel “secure” about your decision. Let’s find mediocrity and “Nip it In the Bud!”

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