What is the difference between Gomer and Goober? We all know a few Goobers!

The Problem:

You want to continue to provide motivation and learning during this difficult period. But, getting everyone to attend an event and listen to a speaker isn’t exactly safe and healthy (even if Jerry did bring along some gluten-free, locally sourced, vitamin-infused, brand muffins).

The Truth:

Companies who fail to develop their talent will soon be left behind like that last fruitcake on the bakery shelf. Even worse, that talent pool will seek challenges and enrichment somewhere else.

The Solution:

I am excited to share with you the Mayberry Method Moment Keynote on Demand video series. These short, mini-keynotes provide a thought provoking lesson based on an episode, or experience related to The Andy Griffith Show. Your employees receive the video in their email in-box.

Each video lesson will lay out actionable steps to improve leadership, productivity, and client relationships. The focus is always to find better ways to serve others. You and your team will discover some truths about themselves in the process.

You can choose the delivery schedule for your employees  (weekly, monthly, or give them access to the entire library all at once).

Watch a sample now:

How it Works:

My advice is to utilize each video as a conversation starter for your group. There is a workbook included to help leaders ask insightful questions to engage their employees. Or, employees can self-pace through the lessons and use the workbook to hold themselves accountable for change.

At the end of this journey you should be a more customer-centric, productive and thoughtful person than where you are today.

And that is why I am excited for you to get started. Let’s “nip” mediocrity “in the bud” and begin this journey!

The series includes the following videos and topics:

  1. Bargain Day … Thinking Things Through
  2. Bargain Day (Part 2) … Serving Beyond Expectations
  3. You Need a Deputy … Recognizing Opportunity
  4. Barney’s First Car … Impulse and Due Diligence
  5. Mayberry After Midnight … Controlling Gossip
  6. Stranger In Town … Joining and Leading the Team
  7. Who Is Your Ernest T. Bass? … Eliminate Distractions
  8. Mayberry Goes Hollywood …The Beauty of Authenticity
  9. The Pickle Story … Effort Versus Execution
  10. Andy’s Vacation … Delegate, Unplug and Recharge
  11. The New Housekeeper … Dealing with Disruption
  12. Barney Fife Realtor … Panic in a Time of Crisis
  13. Citizen’s Arrest … Focus on Character
  14. McBeevee … Listen Like a Leader
  15. Big Fish in a Small Town … Deadlines Make Headlines

Take Action:

You know you want to develop and motivate your employees. And your plate is already full trying to manage a staff that is divided between in-office and remote locations.

Let me take a load off your plate and help. Give me a call today at 1-888-895-8549 and we can discuss how to bring this video series to your employees in the most effective manner. You are under no obligation to hire me. And the call is free.

If you are ready to move forward just fill in the contact form below. I’ll get back to you ASAP and we can begin the process of bringing a little Mayberry wisdom to your group. Let’s “nip” mediocrity “in the bud” and begin this journey!

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