“The increased usage of solar panels has led to an outbreak of “scalded paw” amongst squirrels and blinded numerous bald eagles.”

The Truth …

There is no such thing as a scalded paw. But if you want to pull a fast one on your audience with a short speech by an imposter speaker – I’m your man!

How it Works …

We decide on a topic and I create a speech complete with PowerPoint, charts, and graphs. I sell the speech like a straight man. As the program unfolds I start giving clues to my inaccuracy and increase the questionable examples. One by one the audience gets in on the joke until we are all having fun.

Watch the video demo on this page or CLICK HERE.

You or one of your peers approach the stage and “pull the plug” on my presentation. I leave. Then you re-introduce me as a comedian. I come back up and perform my clean stand-up comedy show.

Why You Will Love an Imposter Speaker ….

Having an imposter speaker is incredibly unique. It is a great surprise. Especially when your attendees have spent all day listening to speakers and need a power surge of laughter.

Hiring an imposter speaker is a great way to:

Have someone else poke fun at your competition.

It might be a little too on-point for your CEO to take jabs at a competitor. But an imposter speaker can get away with it and even pose as a member of the competition.

Let someone else say what you’re thinking.

Let me address new regulations, procedures, or red tape that is driving everyone crazy. You need to maintain your professional appearance and actually get people on board with the change. As an “expert” I can voice frustration and relieve some of that stress.

Reward your group with super-specific comedy and laughter.

These aren’t canned speeches. Each imposter presentation is carefully crafted to fit your niche and industry. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Want to see another example? CLICK HERE to see Rik as a consultant for Beyond Farm Financials.

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