Acting & On-Camera Talent

Looking for someone to help convey your message? I have experience as an actor in film, television, streaming, social ads, commercials, and more. With a background in improvisation, I’m able to work with you to get your concept across to the audience.

Check out a sample.

voiceover talent

Voiceover, Podcast Host

Searching for someone to lend a voice to your project? Need a narrator or conference announcer? How about a character or two for your radio or streaming ads? I can even host your company-branded podcast to keep things moving and fun.

Listen to some past work.

Custom Videos

Custom Videos, Interviews

Let me help in creating dynamic videos for an upcoming conference, media campaign, or product roll-out. I can interview you or others in your organization for a publicity piece or “day in the life” video. How about an on-site conference reporter doing “Man on the Street” interviews?

See ways to utilize this option.

Speech Punch-Up, Joke Writing

With over thirty years of experience as a clean stand-up comedian, my specialty is adding laughs where you least expect it. Let me help you punch up your keynotes, awards night scripts, newsletters, online posts, and more.

Watch razor-sharp comedy writing in action.

Imposter Speaker

Imposter Speaker

What happens when an “expert” appears at your event and bumbles his way through misguided advice and unsupported data? BIG LAUGHS – that’s what! This is by far the most fun and unique program I can offer you. You give me the topic and I’ll take it from there.

Watch the “World’s Worst Weatherman” example.

Creative Services Help Take Your Project To Another Level

Creative Services allow another way for me to help you make your business stand out from all the others. I get it, you are focused on business strategies, engaging customers, and your day-to-day operations. So, when you begin to plan an event or special project it becomes one more thing on your to-do list. You may not have a creative background. It might be difficult for you to see where your ideas can be amplified through a little imagination and tweaking. That is where I can help.

Gain confidence that your message will resonate by adding humor. Make your content more engaging by adding creating custom videos. Have Rik take a look at and punch-up your scripts. Poke fun at your competition by utilizing Rik as an Imposter Speaker. Help your c-suite executives connect with the employees by having Rik interview them in a fun, informative, and playful way. Listen to an interview from his School of Laughs podcast to get a feel for Rik’s style.

Creative Services = Stress Reduction

The great thing about hiring someone to facilitate creative solutions is that it is one less thing you have to have on your plate. We provide everything you need in-house. All you have to do is review the work and make suggestions. It is as simple as that!

Plus, when you add humor and creative assets to your meeting or event, you are giving the audience a chance to laugh, exhale, breathe and engage with BOTH sides of their brain. This makes for an evening of stress-reduction. Instead of feeling obligated to attend, your attendees will actually look forward to (and enjoy) the meeting.