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Who needs an app to call for a ride when you got a good ol’ buddy like … GUBER? Ha! These shirts are 100% cotton and are a surefire conversation starter. Instantly attract like-minded Mayberry fans! The back of the shirt gives you 10 Reasons To Ride With Guber!

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Rik’s CD’s a perfect gift for any fan of 100% clean comedy!

Half Fool

Enjoy 15 brand spanking new songs! Recorded in Nashville, TN, this CD tackles the tough issues. Everything from having a new baby in your house – to picking out thrift store underwear! For frequent travelers “32k Ft Up In The Air” is a must listen. With musical styles from heavy metal to harp, bluegrass to ska, this is a fun, funny CD!

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It’s Funny Now

Recorded at the KY ORY in 2012, this live performance is a great representation of the comedy you could expect if you booked Rik to perform at your event. Popular routines include “Hillbilly Matrix”, “Fife on Patrol”, “Pill in a Blanket”, “Six Foot Wide Hi-Fi” and more!

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Skits & Tunes: 1996-2004

A little more on the weird and whacky side – this compilation from Rik’s years on the club circuit contains hits such as “It’s A Rental”, “Why I’m Not a Woman”, “I Might Be Cheap (But I’m Not Broke)”, “Housekeeping”, “The Ballad of Fife and Cash” and many more.

Just $12 (includes shipping and handling).