Need an easy-accessible keynote on demand? The Mayberry Method Moments Keynote on Demand Video series is just for you. You’ll have access to 15 micro-keynotes that transform your organization into a more customer-centric team. The videos are all under 5 minutes and can be delivered on the schedule of your choice via email. Using lessons from the Andy Griffith show as a starting point, you’ll discover new ways and mindsets that benefit your customers, co-workers, and even your family at home.

You can preview a lesson below. If you are interested in purchasing a plan, call Mari Sanders / A to Z Speakers at 1 888-655-4575 now and she will be happy to help you! Have general questions? Contact Rik at 1-888-895-8549.


Mayberry Method Moments Sequence

Here are the titles and descriptions of Rik’s videos to improve communication, teamwork, and social skills:

  • Bargain Day (Part 1) … Thinking Things Through
  • Bargain Day (Part 2) … Serving Beyond Expectations
  • You Need a Deputy … Recognizing Opportunity
  • Barney’s First Car … Impulse and Due Diligence
  • Mayberry After Midnight … Controlling Gossip
  • Stranger In Town … Joining and Leading the Team
  • Who Is Your Ernest T. Bass? … Eliminate Distractions
  • Mayberry Goes Hollywood …The Beauty of Authenticity
  • The Pickle Story … Effort Versus Execution
  • Andy’s Vacation … Delegate, Unplug, and Recharge
  • The New Housekeeper … Dealing with Disruption
  • Barney Fife Realtor … Pivoting During a Crisis
  • Citizen’s Arrest … Focus on Character
  • Mr. McBeevee … Listen Like a Leader
  • Big Fish in a Small Town … Deadlines Make Headlines

A free workbook is available for the facilitator. The Mayberry Method Moments PDF contains the follow-up questions and lesson recaps and is an instrumental tool in engaging your group as they go through the series. The series is based on Rik’s popular Keynote “The Mayberry Method“. Have fun and join us today.