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Productivity Speaker Rik Roberts Delivers Mayberry Method

Productivity Speaker Rik Roberts

Productivity Speaker Rik Roberts Delivers Mayberry Method Keynote.

“Rik was a wonderful way to end our program.  His message was delivered with humor and in a way that “sticks”.

He was very flexible and so engaging with our group.  Perfect balance of focus and humor.”

– Sheila Elliott, Novant Health


Increase Productivity By Nipping Distractions In The Bud!

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If you are familiar with the Andy Griffith Show, Ernest T. Bass was the simple mountain man who came into Mayberry and chucked rocks through windows. He distracted Andy, Barney and everyone in his path from what they were doing. We all have an “Ernest T.” in our workday.

Distractions keep us from doing the job we love. What was once our passion becomes buried under an endless cascade of email, text and phone calls. The average employee is interrupted every 12 minutes in America. It takes the average worker 5 minutes to get back into the workflow after an interruption. Do the math. We’re losing the battle with distractions.

The worst part? Most if it is self-imposed.

From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Instagram our days are filled with “scroll, eye-roll, scroll.” What are we looking for? What are running from? What did we do with our day? The typical worker spends an hour and twelve minutes a day browsing social media while on the job. The Millennial generation touch their phone screen an average of 2145 times each day. We’ve got to get things under control.

The Mayberry Method explores ways to get back to work using good old common sense. Setting boundaries while at work is paramount to getting things done. And the more effectively we tackle those tasks, the better we serve our clients, co-workers and customers. We need to be intentional with our time. We need to “Nip Distractions in the Bud.”

The economic impact of being distracted is enormous. Recent estimates believe that we miss out on 650 billion dollars in workplace every year. And that is just for the United States alone. Eliminating distractions is the first step in earning those dollars back.

If you need a productivity tune up, I would love to help. My program is a mix of comedy and content. It’s upbeat with tactics that are easy to relate to and remember. You don’t have to be a Mayberry fan to play along. But it does make it extra fun.

In addition to using examples from the Andy Griffith Show, I relate various points through a combination of current events, historical examples, teachable moments and humor. We all know that laughter tied to a fact or story makes an impact and improves retention of the message. I make a point to make every message as fun as it is informative. It can absolutely be customized for your group. Speech ranges from 30-120 minutes depending upon your needs.

The Mayberry Method is a very fun motivational speech designed to teach specific ways to increase your productivity. I use examples from the Andy Griffith Show to help drive points home.

To have the Mayberry Method presented to your group, click the contact page to get started.

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