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Watch my DryBar Comedy Special

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

It’s finally here!

Back in March I taped a 30 minute special “Put Down the Sweet Tea” for Dry Bar Comedy. These specials are of comedians doing their cleanest thirty minutes. They are filmed with state-of-the-art cameras before wonderful audiences in beautiful Provo, Utah. Dry Bar is a great way to watch clean comedy with the family!

There are two ways to watch …

1) Go to THIS LINK and download for just $1.

2) Download their app and watch unlimited specials for a small monthly fee.

This special includes new material along with a few of the favorites.

I hope you watch and enjoy!


Pick TN Conference

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Rik Roberts Comedian


“The Pick TN Conference thoroughly enjoyed our time with Rik Roberts. His comedy show had our conference attendees laughing all night! On top of that, the next day gave a wonderful leadership workshop! Rik Roberts exceeded our expectations. I will highly recommend you to any group!”



Rik Roberts Comedian

Seattle, WA Area – Laugh All Night

Monday, February 4th, 2019

laugh all night centralia, wa


When you get to combine your passion with a purpose magical things can happen. For me, this occurs when I perform comedy for a cause.

Since 2004, Laugh All Night has been hosting comedy concerts at churches across the country. Laugh All Night is designed as an opportunity to invite your church and community to a hilarious comedy event that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Recently, I had the opportunity to perform in the Seattle area to help raise funds through Laugh All Night for NEW MISSIONS. New missions is an incredible organization that has been establishing local churches and Christian schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic for the past 30 years.  This provides children with education, food, and medical care so they can grow strong and make an impact in their community.

My family supports New Missions by sponsoring children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Because when your passion and a purpose combine – magical things happen.

I also got to check out some of the beautiful scenery and cool local stuff in Seattle!


Rik Roberts in Seattle

Ten Tips For A Perfect Party | Rik Roberts

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Ten Tips For A Perfect Party | Rik Roberts

Insights from 28 years of corporate entertaining

Are you considering hiring an entertainer for your next event? Excellent! This ten point checklist will help you trouble shoot the logistics and set-up before the big day. If hiring a comedian, think about how a comedy club is set-up and arranged. You will want to recreate that experience the best you can (minus the drunk hecklers).

Trust me, your entertainer wants to have a great show. I suggest going over this checklist with them to see what preferences they may have for their particular performance. And, of course, I would love to be considered for your event.




1. Sound Advice

A PA system that is powerful enough to fill the room with clear sound is necessary. Don’t rely on overhead speakers in the ceiling for sound. Generally, they provide a sound that is ‘tinny’ and are not strong enough to do the job effectively. Having a wired mic is preferable to a wireless mic. Wired mics don’t have problems with interference, and they don’t have batteries that can go dead at the wrong time. If you don’t have access to a good PA system, don’t fret. Call up your local music store and see if they can set up a rental system for you.

2. Light the Show

The proper lighting can really go a long way towards making your event successful. You want a light that is focusing on the stage. A spotlight is preferred. It allows the audience to see the performer clearly. The performance is much more effective if the audience can see facial expressions, and body movements. If you dim the surrounding lights, it focuses attention on the performer. Just as with the sound system, if you don’t have the proper lighting at your venue, a proper spotlight can be provided by your local music store as well.

3. Dinner

The show works most effectively with distractions kept to a minimum. I have found that it is best to start the show after dessert has been served and the plates cleared. If you have awards to present, consider having the entertainment before the awards. The fresher the audience, the better for the entertainer. The show is always more successful with a less-inebriated, focused audience. A long, drawn out awards ceremony before the entertainment tends to tire people out, and makes them a less enthusiastic audience.

4. Seating Setup

The closer to the audience that the performer can be, the better. Seat people right up to the stage if you can. Performers feed off the energy of the audience. Having the audience close to the stage creates an intimacy that makes the show much better. Set the stage along the room’s longest wall. Don’t put the stage at end of a long room. Again, you want all the audience members as close to the stage as comfortably possible. If a dance floor is required for dancing after the comedy show, consider breaking down tables and creating a dance floor after the show is over. NEVER separate the audience from the performer with a dance floor or buffet line.

5. Face the stage

Make it as easy as possible for the audience members to see the stage. Having audience members who have their back to the stage, who have to turn their chairs around, or strain sideways to see the stage makes it difficult for them to enjoy the show. Keep this in mind as you set up your seating arrangement.

6. Introductions

A clear and respectful introduction gives credibility to a performer. Have the President of the company or some other key influencer within the organization make the introduction. It adds credibility to the performance and demands the audience’s attention and respect. This can go a long way towards creating a good kick off for the show. Don’t have someone get up and say something like, “Hey, I’m not sure who this guy is, but he’s supposed to make us laugh. Let’s see if he is as funny as Phil.” That is not getting the show off on the right foot. A professional performer will have at typewritten introduction for you to read from.

7. Clear the Air

If the comedy show is going to follow a heavy, or sensitive subject, have a brief intermission to allow the atmosphere to lighten up. Or consider bringing up this subject matter after the show is over. Then, people will be in a better mood and will be better able to absorb difficult or bad news.

8. Mood music

Having background music before a show, or during dinner, can create a pleasant environment for the show. Sometimes, matching the music to the mood of the crowd is beneficial. If they are low energy, some up beat music might be appropriate. If the audience is a bit on the rowdy side some more calming music might make sense. Music can always set a mood, both before and after a show. You don’t want to blare it, just pump up the enthusiasm.

rik roberts comedy

9. Showtime

It is best to have the performance start as close to the scheduled time as possible. If the dinner is running long, it is best to wait until dinner is done and plates are cleared. But try to avoid delaying a show too long. You don’t want a show scheduled to start at 8 to finally start at 9:20. The audience will be tired, especially if they have spent all day in meetings, or if they simply worked all day before your event started. It is especially important to have your performer go on earlier in the evening if your event is on a Friday night. Long work week + too many drinks = marginal show.

10. Have Fun

Remember that comedy is fun. You have hired a professional who will give your audience a wonderful experience. Sit back, and enjoy the show yourself. Life is too short to ignore moments to laugh.

2019 First Quarter Dates

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019



The dates in blue are open to the public. Links below will lead you to ticket information. Hope to see you at a show!

Laugh All Night Show Info:

TBN Ticket Link:

DryBar Website

Upcoming Fall Schedule

Friday, July 6th, 2018
10/4/18 Memphis, TN Corporate Event N/A
10/5/18 *Hendersonville, TN* TV Taping
10/9/18 Bowling Green, KY Corporate Event N/A
10/12/18 *Hendersonville, TN* TV Taping
10/13/18 Mesa, AZ Corporate Event N/A
10/15/18 *Hendersonville, TN* TV Taping
10/18/18 Appleton, WI Corporate Event N/A
10/23/18 *Hendersonville, TN* TV Taping
10/29/18 Roanoke, WV Corporate Event N/A
11/1/18 Lexington, KY Fund Raising Event N/A
11/2/18 * Denver, CO * Fund Raiser
11/3/18 *Siloam Springs, AR* Fund Raiser
11/6/18 *Hendersonville, TN* TV Taping
11/8/18 Austin, TX Corporate Event N/A
11/9/18 *New Albany, IN* Fund Raiser TIX: 812.948.9248
11/10/18 Indianapolis, IN Private Event N/A
11/12/18 *Hendersonville, TN* TV Taping
11/13/18 *Hendersonville, TN* TV Taping
11/14/18 Cincinnati, OH Corporate Event N/A
11/29/18 *Hendersonville, TN* TV Taping
11/30/18 *Hendersonville, TN* TV Taping
12/1/18 Nashville, TN Corporate Event N/A
12/3/18 Kingsport, TN Corporate Event N/A
12/8/18 Nashville, TN Corporate Event N/A
12/18/18 *Hendersonville, TN* TV Taping
12/22/18 Artesia, NM Corporate Event N/A

Rik Roberts presents Game Winning Drive to U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Sunday, June 10th, 2018

Rik Roberts Game Winning Drive

“We had Rik Roberts come in to present Game Winning Drive to our annual agency off site meeting. Rik really honed in on issues such as team work, unity, accountability, and owning your mistakes. He did it in a judgment-free way that gave us take-aways and connecting points we can take back to our home offices and apply.  It was extremely well done, very professional and with plenty of laughs. Rik hit the nail on the head, and managed to not ruffle any feathers. He is an expert at people and it shows. I highly recommend him if you have similar event where you need to tune up your leadership, accountability and communication skills.”

– Daniel Connally, Special Assistant | U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Office of Regulatory Affairs


Fife Impersonator Rik Roberts gets “Key to the City”

Monday, January 15th, 2018

What an honor to receive a medallion that is equivalent to the “Key to the City” of Mt. Juliet, TN!

Thanks to Capt. Chandler and Chief Hambrick for having me over to judge the chili cook-off. Aunt Bea would have been proud! #FifeIsMyLife

Rik Roberts Mount Juliet Barney Fife


Rik Roberts Mount Juliet Barney Fife

Rik Roberts Mount Juliet Barney Fife


Join me at the HUCKABEE tapings in Nashville!

Monday, December 18th, 2017

I have so much fun as the audience warm up comedians for the TV Show “Huckabee” on TBN! The audiences are top notch, the set is state of the art, and the team from the producers all the way to the parking lot greeters are the sweetest folks you’ll ever meet. And, Governor Huckabee is a really, really decent human being.

The show features guests who are grounded by faith. Many times, their stories are those of reception after having gone astray.

Naomi Judd was a recent guest (and a huge fan of the Andy Griffith Show). She discussed how to deal with clinical depression. If you struggle, her book will help you. “River of Time” is the title.

Had fun and was inspired meeting the Dibiase’s. Ted “The Million Dollar Man” and Ted Jr. are doing great work out of the wrestling ring these days. Brought back some memories of watching the matches back in the old days!

I had the pleasure of meeting Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, legendary soul singer Sam Moore. You might know him as the singer of Soul Man (1967) with Sam & Dave, or from touring with Booker T and the MGs. Catch him singing Soul Man and being backed up on guitar by Steve Cropper!

If you want to join me for a taping of Huckabee the tickets area FREE! But you do have to reserve them. You can do this online by following this link:

I occasionally am away on gigs and will have a back up in my place. If you want to make sure I’ll be there on the date you are attending just shot me an email at

Rik Roberts Huckabee TV Show

Kentucky Baptist Convention

Monday, June 12th, 2017

When I have the opportunity to blend my comedy with my Christian background I get really excited. Such was the case recently during three events in Western, KY for the  Kentucky Baptist Convention Senior Adult Program. It was a total blast and very affirming all at once!

“Rik Roberts was not only exceptional all the way around, he was easy to work with and just a down-to-earth guy.  Your organization is blessed to have him on board. Rik, thank you for blessing our hearts with laughter.  Your comedic antics were refreshing, and you have the best Barney Fife impersonation that I have EVER heard and seen! You were extremely well received, and I was pleased with your ministry at our events.

S. J.White, EdD

Women/Sr Adult Dept
CCR Team, Kentucky Baptist Convention

Rik Roberts Christian Comedian
Church Comedians

Rik Roberts Clean Comedian