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Comedian For Fund Raiser – Rik Roberts

Monday, February 17th, 2020

If you are looking for a comedian for fund raiser or similar event – Rik Roberts can provide the laughs. Rik’s focus is clean, wholesome and family-friendly entertainment. You won’t have to worry about anyone bring offended with Rik. The comedy still has a sharp edge. It’s as fresh as today’s newspaper. He just prefers to poke fun of himself instead of singling anyone out and making them the butt of a joke. Ri’s comedy show is titled “It’s Funny Now“.

Most comedians are willing to get a laugh at all costs. Rik loves to laugh, but he won’t cost you your job in the process! When you hire a comedian for fund raiser events you want someone who can unite the audience. You want someone with experience. And you want someone who puts your goals ahead of their own. With Rik Roberts, you get all of those things. You also gets an audience that will come back year after year to have that great feeling again and again.


“Thanks again for providing a fantastic night of comedy and fun for our event! I thought the night was a huge success and the best one yet! Thanks for your support!”


Comedian for Fund Raiser

Rik Roberts is a popular Comedian for Fund Raiser events.


Sayre Christian Village holds the “Chuckles, Chicken and Charity” event in Lexington, KY each year. The night is a lot of fun and raises money at the same time. And – who doesn’t love chicken? Although we have yet to settle on the answer to the old question “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” we do know why the chicken crossed the road. He wanted to get to the Chuckles Chicken and Charity fund raiser before got fried. Won’t you consider joining us next year? You will be glad you did!

To schedule a call with Rik Roberts and hiring a comedian for fund raiser event, simply send an email to: .


Monday, February 10th, 2020

AG Speaker Rik Roberts knows what it is like to work. With a background working on a tobacco farm Rik relates to farmers more than most speakers. Helping his Dad out at a young age in the fields taught him about work ethic. It taught him to appreciate good times. It also taught him how to prepare for times that are tough as well.

If you need an AG speaker who can keep it 100% clean – yet 100% funny – Rik is the guy for you. He also spent 4 years working with Thoroughbred horses. The beautiful (and sometimes stubborn) animals taught Rik to laugh at the things you can’t change. The hours mucking stalls and mowing fields gave him time to “think” and sometimes get into a little mischief. Above all, it gave him time to use his imagination.

When you start planning your next event, consider Rik Roberts. You can request his “Ten Tips for a Perfect Party” checklist with no obligation. Just send an email to him and request “Ten Tips” in the subject heading.


“Rik Roberts was great. He connected with our audience immediately and had them laughing from start to finish. We had him start the show dressed as Barney Fife issuing citations to a few of our guests. He was a huge hit and our audience loved him!”

– Kathy T., 
Sales and Marketing Division Manager
AG Speaker Rik Roberts as Barney Fife with FFA

AG Speaker Rik Roberts brought laughs and the law to Moro, OR.


Ag Speaker Rik Roberts performs for Mid-Columbia Producers Cooperative in Moro, OR

The bottom line is Rik Roberts will take the time to get to know your group. He will only perform the kind of comedy you would expect to hear around the courthouse in Mayberry. Respect, professionalism and hilarity are the key components of any event AG Speaker Rik Roberts take part in.  Call him today at 1-888-895-8549 to talk about your next event.

Comedy for Fund Raising Events – Indiana

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020
I love performing clean comedy for fund raising events. Recently, I had the honor of doing just that in Washington, IN. The event was for the Daviess County CEO program. The group of young people shown here all had to qualify to take part in this unique group.
Rik Roberts Clean Comedy for Fund Raising Events
Comedy has the ability to unite people like no other art form. Sharing a laugh is saying “I understand you,” and “I agree”. When raising funds, you want the attendees to do both. A room full of people sharing a positive common experience before you ask for funds will help increase your donations.

Comedy for Fund Raising Events – Client Testimonial:

“Rik is a perfect fit for our event. The evening is designed to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in Daviess County, Indiana.  Our guests describe Rik as witty, down-to-earth, original and authentic. The CEO program highly recommends Rik for any occasion.  Thank you Rik Roberts for a great evening of clean laughs.”

Bill Turner, Facilitator

Daviess County CEO

Learn more about adding clean comedy to your next fund raising event. Email for special rates and information. Rik performs over 160 times a year. You can count on a professional experience and customized touches to make your night a huge success. Be sure to check out his Ten Tips for a Perfect Party blog post. This ten point checklist will help you prepare for the event. Whether you hire Rik or not, this tool should be in your event planning toolbox.

You can watch video of Rik in action. Just hop on over to his YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and see the most recent TV appearances as soon as they happen.

Be sure to consider clean comedy for fund raising events from this point forward. You will be glad you did! Promise.



Productivity Speaker Rik Roberts Delivers Mayberry Method

Monday, February 3rd, 2020
Productivity Speaker Rik Roberts

Productivity Speaker Rik Roberts Delivers Mayberry Method Keynote.

“Rik was a wonderful way to end our program.  His message was delivered with humor and in a way that “sticks”.

He was very flexible and so engaging with our group.  Perfect balance of focus and humor.”

– Sheila Elliott, Novant Health


Increase Productivity By Nipping Distractions In The Bud!

  • Rik Roberts /

If you are familiar with the Andy Griffith Show, Ernest T. Bass was the simple mountain man who came into Mayberry and chucked rocks through windows. He distracted Andy, Barney and everyone in his path from what they were doing. We all have an “Ernest T.” in our workday.

Distractions keep us from doing the job we love. What was once our passion becomes buried under an endless cascade of email, text and phone calls. The average employee is interrupted every 12 minutes in America. It takes the average worker 5 minutes to get back into the workflow after an interruption. Do the math. We’re losing the battle with distractions.

The worst part? Most if it is self-imposed.

From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Instagram our days are filled with “scroll, eye-roll, scroll.” What are we looking for? What are running from? What did we do with our day? The typical worker spends an hour and twelve minutes a day browsing social media while on the job. The Millennial generation touch their phone screen an average of 2145 times each day. We’ve got to get things under control.

The Mayberry Method explores ways to get back to work using good old common sense. Setting boundaries while at work is paramount to getting things done. And the more effectively we tackle those tasks, the better we serve our clients, co-workers and customers. We need to be intentional with our time. We need to “Nip Distractions in the Bud.”

The economic impact of being distracted is enormous. Recent estimates believe that we miss out on 650 billion dollars in workplace every year. And that is just for the United States alone. Eliminating distractions is the first step in earning those dollars back.

If you need a productivity tune up, I would love to help. My program is a mix of comedy and content. It’s upbeat with tactics that are easy to relate to and remember. You don’t have to be a Mayberry fan to play along. But it does make it extra fun.

In addition to using examples from the Andy Griffith Show, I relate various points through a combination of current events, historical examples, teachable moments and humor. We all know that laughter tied to a fact or story makes an impact and improves retention of the message. I make a point to make every message as fun as it is informative. It can absolutely be customized for your group. Speech ranges from 30-120 minutes depending upon your needs.

The Mayberry Method is a very fun motivational speech designed to teach specific ways to increase your productivity. I use examples from the Andy Griffith Show to help drive points home.

To have the Mayberry Method presented to your group, click the contact page to get started.

Chuckles, Chicken and Charity

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Chuckles, Chicken & Charity is a fundraising dinner/comedy show that benefits the Wayne B. Smith Compassionate Care Fund.

That’s a mouthful, so let me tell you what that means and why the silly name fits.

CHUCKLES: Wayne B. Smith LOVED to tell jokes, so in his honor, we always celebrate his life with a night of laughs. We have a hilarious comedian, Rik “Barney Fife” Roberts, along with WVLK’s Jack Pattie who will entertain us on this casual, light-hearted evening!

CHICKEN: Wayne was known for his visits to folks, bringing a big bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken so we usually serve some type of chicken dish in his honor.

CHARITY: Proceeds from this fundraising event benefit The Wayne B. Smith Compassionate Care Fund which provides for the needs of residents and staff at Sayre Christian Village when they find themselves in times of financial crisis. Wayne was beyond generous to those in need.

Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM EDT

1800 Newtown Pike Griffin Gate Marriott Resort / Lexington, KY

Tickets go on sale August 16. Early Bird Discount ($65/ticket or $650/table of 10) available until September 16. After that date, $75/ticket or $750/table of 10. Contact Alice Greene (859-514-0045) or for more information.


A night of laughs for a great cause.

Rik Roberts Performance Schedule

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Below are some of my upcoming events. All other dates are open for bookings.

See an open date and want to check to see if Rik can bring some laughs your way?

Send an email to or fill out the contact form on this site.

Rik Roberts Event Schedule


4 Hendersonville, TN Huckabee @ TBN
7 Hendersonville, TN Huckabee @ TBN
9 Orlando, FL Corporate Event
12 Dallas, TX Private Event
14-15 Toronto, CA Commercial Shoot
17 Lexington, KY Fundraiser
19 Columbus, OH Corporate event
23 Hendersonville, TN Huckabee @ TBN
24 Louisville, KY Corporate Event
26 Moro, OR Private Event
13 Murfreesboro, TN Corporate Event
14 Knoxville, TN Fundraiser
15 Asheville, NV Corporate Event
19 Hendersonville, TN Huckabee @ TBN
20 Hendersonville, TN Huckabee @ TBN
22 Fort Worth, TX Corporate Event
23 Portland, OR Corporate Event
29 Gallatin, TN Fundraiser
6, 7 Grand Prairie, AB Church Event
12 Florence, AL Church Event
17 Hendersonville, TN Huckabee @ TBN
18 Hendersonville, TN Huckabee @ TBN
10 Huntsville, AL Church Event
14 Hendersonville, TN Huckabee @ TBN
22 Jacksonville, FL Corporate Event
7 Kansas City, MO Corporate Event
20 Phoenix, AZ Corporate Event
4 San Antonio, TX Corporate Event
10 Columbus, OH Corporate Event
12, 13 Charlotte, NC Corporate Event
14 Hot Springs, AR Corporate Event
19 Brentwood Baptist Church Event
9 Arroyo Grande, CA Fundraiser
15 Ferguson, MO Church Event
9 Brookings, SD Corporate Event
4 DeRidder, LA Private Event
22 Monticello, IN Church Event

Barney Fife Impersonator in Frankenmuth, MI

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

My job as a Barney Fife Impersonator is just too much fun.  Along with my 100% clean comedy show, I can appear at your event as the famous bumbling deputy from Mayberry.


Barney Fife Impersonator in Frankenmuth


Barney Fife Invitations


Fife in Frankenmuth

Some clients go above and beyond to create a cool Mayberry vibe. OLV Investment Group created the awesome “Selfie Frame” for folks to get a pic with the deputy. They also sent out invitations using the frame to tie things together.

OLV Investment Group Testimonial:

“Rik Roberts did an exceptional job!! From the time he came in as Barney Fife having pictures made, to mingling with clients, to visiting with people all through dinner, it helped to create a warm evening for our Client Appreciation Dinner! His performance was very engaging and fun! Thank you Rik for two successful evenings honoring our clients!”

If you need a Barney Fife Impersonator for your event, feel free to connect with me by filling out the contact form on this site. Or by sending and email to

There are a variety of ways to incorporate the deputy into your event. Roaming Fife is a term I use to describe mingling with guests before or after my comedy performance. It’s comparable to “table magic” where magicians go from table to table performing a short trick. But with Fife, it’s witty conversations and a few trademark  “sniffs” while guests get a picture with the bullet toting deputy.

Other options include bursting into an event and issuing “citations” based on inside information you provide in advance. This is an especially fun way to acknowledge or recognize folks for great work. Whether they are “falsifying documents” by working more hours than they report, or “speeding” out the door Friday afternoon, we can have some fun with Fife!

Watch my DryBar Comedy Special

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

It’s finally here!

Back in March I taped a 30 minute special “Put Down the Sweet Tea” for Dry Bar Comedy. These specials are of comedians doing their cleanest thirty minutes. They are filmed with state-of-the-art cameras before wonderful audiences in beautiful Provo, Utah. Dry Bar is a great way to watch clean comedy with the family!

There are two ways to watch …

1) Go to THIS LINK and download for just $1.

2) Download their app and watch unlimited specials for a small monthly fee.

This special includes new material along with a few of the favorites.

I hope you watch and enjoy!


“It’s Funny Now” in Phoenix!

Monday, June 10th, 2019

Clean Comedy as Stress Reducer

“First of all, we have never EVER received such positive feedback from a speaker! Rik truly made a difference with our team; a team that works incredibly hard to help those who have been involved in a catastrophe. We can’t thank you enough and will certainly be using you again in the future.”

– H. Benefiel
Operations Director

Enter Fife Entrematic Fashion

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Rik Roberts Mayberry Method Keynote

“Great presenter! Engaged our entire audience with his Mayberry Method keynote, including attendees ranging from mid 20’s to those in their 60’s or 70’s. Highly recommend!”