Thanks for wanting me to be part of the interview. Below are some links to projects I am actively promoting, tour dates, and lead-ins for some stories and jokes.

1) You can find pictures and more to promote the appearance here:


2) I recently co-starred in a movie called MAYBERRY MAN as a Barney Fife impersonator. The movie is on Amazon Prime:
More info is at:


3) My clean comedy special on DryBar Comedy is called “Put Down the Sweet Tea”. It can be found here:


4) I have a few upcoming appearances open to the public. We can mention a couple if you like. Schedule available at:




  • Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?
  • Are your kids funny?
  • Have you stuck with your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier?
  • Are you vaccinated?


Hope this helps. Holler if you have any questions between now and then. My cell phone is 615-293-3629. Email
– Rik