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Go Fast or Go Far!  

Empowering Team Achievement Through Individual Effort

Recharge and re-energize your team with a fresh mindset and new tools to help them achieve more than they ever thought they could – and have fun while you do it!

The saying “If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want to go far, go with others” is powerful. It applies to personal goal setting, teamwork, and business. Both routes will generate results. Which will you choose?


  • Elevate your group’s vision on how to achieve things as a team especially when they sometimes must achieve personal goals on their own.
  • Empower the entire organization by crystalizing your vision into a simple and shareable statement.
  • Motivate everyone with milestone goals so they can see their own progress and how it contributes to the overall team goal.

Do this and you will get better results, more engagement, and total team buy-in.


A high-energy, fun, and useful program with applicable and measurable milestones for your organization.


You will gain a new perspective on how to approach organizational goals by focusing on the results for others instead of yourself. Specifically,

  • Starting with the change you want for others and working back to the change you need to make yourself
  • Learning your limits, and how to exceed them
  • The value of “All-Star” mentors on your journey
  • Discovering ways to continue even when times are tough
  • Finding companionship even in a solo endeavor
  • Why a meaningful goal is better than merely a statistical achievement
  • Using your social network to spread your message and hold your team accountable

And much more.



From my days as a distance runner to my current times as a cyclist, I explore the way we can leave a lasting impact. Whether it is the people that we encounter along the way, or those affected long after the event is over – our actions leave a lasting impression.

My current “Go Fast or Go Far” journey is attempting to cycle the distance around the world (25,000 miles) while raising a million dollars for charities. I am halfway there on the ride and raised over $600,000 so far.

It’s not been easy. There was a steep learning curve at the beginning, a cancer battle in the middle, and still 12,000 more miles to go. I have already learned to take a more deliberate and meaningful approach to family, work, and recreation. And I would love to share the takeaways with you and your group.

Curious? You can get a peek at this Million Dollar Mission at



I would love to discuss your event with you and see if this program is the right fit. You can reach me at or by phone at 1-888-895-8549.